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Do YOU need Qualified Prospects on the internet for YOU?

PPC marketing brings a huge volume of customers and qualified leads. With it, you become visible to only those people who really need your product or service. As a result, you get more incoming business and a line of customers.

As a PPC expert , Innovaistic ensures you PPC is not a simple process. Any wrong preference can lead to wastage of time and money. However, Innovaistic is also the best PPC expert. That’s why you get the right strategy, emotional ad copy, precise targeting, and perfect use of ad display algorithm.

Innovaistic has done perfect PPC for several businesses got them success with better ROI. Similarly, you can too achieve splendid sales success for your product or service.

you just need Innovaistic working for you.

More sales in minimum time maximum ROI lowest running cost guaranteed results only for you At Innovaistic .

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of people explore Google Ads while online shopping
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of people convert into buyers through PPC rather than organic advertisement

Google ads management allows businesses to show up in paid search results. It requires a specific keyword. When a user searches for it, then your website appears at the top in paid ads. This way, a lot of traffic can be directed to your website. Among them, You find plenty of guaranteed customers. But your website copy and offer need to convert viewers into customers. Effective paid ads with relevant keywords can supercharge your sales campaign.


For all retailers, Google shopping is the best and reliable platform. Plus, it allows opportunities in a rather competitive environment. If you have the perfect product feed, then you will show up in transactional search results. As a result, enormous sales can happen in minimum time. However, your product needs to coincide with popular fads and trends. If you don’t have eCommerce and want to sale Products online, then we are here to provide you eCommerce Website Development Services in Pakistan.


Display ads are considered most effective if you ask any PPC expert. A visually appealing ad with the best copywriting compels the viewer to click and explore more. This type of engagement creates qualified leads that probably convert if you properly nurture them. As the best PPC company, Innovaistic can handle display ads for you, along with AdWords account management.


Selling new products to old customers is the best strategy. Remarketing is the tool for that, You just have to engage the customer into a new sales funnel. With the gradual promotion, You have to grab new sales in the minimum time. Your old customers trust your brand because they already used your products and satisfied with that. Let us handle a sales campaign for a new product to your old customers. Guaranteed results.

Our PPC Experts in will Manage Your Ads

You will get:

Text Ads

Google provides users with organic results and paid results. These paid ads provide users with brief information about your business and contact details. As a PPC expert, Innovaistic can handle Google ads campaign management and Google AdWords campaign management for you. Every ad will be produced with the best copywriting principles. So, the user feels compelled to click on it.

Call us, Innovaistic does the best text ad management on Google. Guaranteed results.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads always come at the top of Google search results. And these always include a product image, price, and store information. If you use these ads, then you will always get a high click-through rate. It’s because the product image is always tempting for the consumer.

Innovaistic will handle your Google ads manager account and produce attention-grabbing shopping ads. So, your product can have maximum chances of visibility, along with guaranteed sales.

Call us, Innovaistic does the best shopping ad management on Google. Guaranteed results.

You will get:

You will get:

Display Ads

90% of internet users consume audio, video, and text content on the internet. That gives the opportunity to advertisers and brands to show their products and services, along with the content. Google ads display network handles over 2 million sites for that purpose. Display ads are shown side by side with audio, video, and text content. As a result, the user clicks the ad and explores the product or service.

Innovaistic provides the best display ads with rich visual and textual content. In fact, our click-through rate is promising enough for our clients. They comeback oftentimes with more campaigns. We have an expert team that produces captivating ads and sell the stuff with a hard sell. You can even direct us about the intensity of the sales message. The best Digital Marketing Services has capable and expert team to manage your PPC advertising

Call us, Innovaistic produces the best display ads. Guaranteed results.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is a popular technique to follow a user with product ads and promotions. When a user visits a website and leaves it without buying anything, then the remarketing algorithm follows that user and presents him/her with ads on the network. It may have happened to you as well. Similarly, Innovaistic can help you with remarketing strategy. We will produce the best remarketing ads that will compel the user to click and explore more. Ultimately, Innovaistic will get you sales.

Call us, Innovaistic provides everything for remarketing strategies. Guaranteed results.

You will get:

FAQ'S From Innovaistic

Why use PPC?

The major problem on the internet is to reach people who need you and have an interest in your product or service. PPC provides you with that opportunity. When a person searches for something relevant on the internet or visits any webpage with Google ads, then your website appears right in front of him or her. Then, it is a matter of minutes to the purchase. That’s why PPC campaigns produce a higher ROI. If you run a PPC campaign for a month, then your business gets enough leads to run the PPC campaign for the next month. In fact, the PPC campaign pays for itself. Plus, you get an opportunity to sell to millions of people who are interested in your product or service.

What does a PPC specialist do?

A PPC specialist manages a PPC advertising campaign from scratch. First of all, a buyer persona is created by researching the audience. Then, visual graphics are produced according to the appeal of the customer. After that, words are chosen that resonate with the customer. Then, a PPC ad is created perfectly. Next, PPC specialists run the ad with a Google algorithm that makes it possible to show your product or service to the right people. In short, PPC specialists do almost impossible sales for you.

Why do you report your PPC work?

We report our PPC work to clients in a periodic manner. Sometimes, it is after a week, and sometimes, it is after a month. This data helps our clients and tells them about the actual progress. Plus, it helps us to improve our PPC strategy and narrative. It’s because feedback from clients helps us narrow our focus and get results in favor of the business.

What is a good quality score?

Google has a rating of ads from 1 to 10. It is calculated according to the relevance of the keyword and effectiveness of the PPC ad. Generally, a score of 6 is good. Industry people accept a minimum of 7 scores. But we always aim for a score of 9. If you have a 10 score, then you have a perfect ad. However, it is a rare event because keyword relevance, Google algorithm, and PPC ads are different factors that rarely join together at 10.

What is the difference between remarketing and retargeting?

Remarketing is a strategy to engage previous leads and customers through email channels. It involves relational copywriting practices that produce substantial results. On the other hand, retargeting is serving ads to potential customers through third-party networks. Generally, people are selected through their cookies data and activities on the internet.

PPC vs SEO: Which is better?

Both PPC and SEO serve business purposes but in different domains. If you want immediate results, then a PPC campaign is the best for you. On the other hand, if you want a long-term presence with organic reach to customers, then SEO is the best.

PPC campaigns are short-term solutions. SEO is a long-term solution. You can choose any according to your preference.


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